With Eave, be treated like a cash buyer in competitive real estate markets.

Steps to buying a home with Eave


Complete our online application in 30 minutes. We can digitally verify your assets by connecting to thousands of financial institutions.


We fully underwrite you as a borrower within two business days. If accepted, we provide you with an Eave Approval letter.


Shop with the confidence and certainty of a cash buyer.


Close within 21 days of your offer being accepted.

How Eave helps you


You know how much home you can afford before you start shopping. Most lenders underwrite you only after you've put down a deposit on a home. Their pre-approvals or pre-qualifications are neither certain nor complete.

Transparent rates

Great interest rates and transparent costs. You'll never be surprised by last-minute rate changes or hidden fees.

We help you close

Partners to help you win the home of your dreams. Making offers on a home can be competitive and frustrating. We work with you and your Real Estate Agent to ensure sellers know the strength and certainty of your offer.

We're excited to work with you.

Let's get going!