About Eave

Eave, Inc., a digital mortgage startup founded in 2015, has fixed home financing by enabling credit worthy homebuyers to be treated like cash buyers. Eave spent their first two years renovating the antiquated, mortgage experience from the ground up by building their own proprietary software platform that automates more than 60 percent of the mortgage process. In 2018, Eave began lending to buyers of homes valued from $600,000 to $20 million in Colorado and soon expanded into California. In January 2019, Eave expanded to serve people buying homes valued as low as $32,000 in California and Colorado.

Eave puts certainty, confidence, and joy back into home financing. To date, 90% of Eave homebuyers have won the first home they've bid on. Eave&aspo;s team uses its software platform to put the homebuyer first. They offer a world class concierge experience, 30-minute application process, guaranteed 21-day close, and low interest rates. Homebuyers are fully financially underwritten in just 24 hours. Eave specializes in helping homebuyers with complex financial profiles and variable incomes, such as entrepreneurs, business owners, and those with income from investments.

With headquarters in Brooklyn, NY and Walnut Creek, CA, and offices in Denver, CO, Eave is backed by best in class venture capital firms Bessemer Venture Partners and Two Sigma Ventures. With headquarters in Brooklyn, NY and Walnut Creek, CA and offices in Denver, CO, Eave is backed by best in class venture capital firms, Bessemer Venture Partners and Two Sigma Ventures.

When an Eave homebuyer in the U.S. closes on their new home, Eave donates money to a woman in need in rural India so she can build or improve a home. At closing, Eave shares with homebuyers the details of the family they helped.

Our Founders

Jack McCambridge


Jack has focused his career on building technologies that improve people's daily lives. From 2012–2015, Jack was an executive at Hailo, a British ride-sharing company and early competitor to Uber. He's an advisor to WorldCover, which provides crop insurance to small holder farmers in Africa. Prior to Hailo, he spent three years building solar energy power plants in India. In 2015, he co-founded Eave to fix the fundamentally unfair treatment of homebuyers by giving all homebuyers the powers of cash buyers. He holds a AB from Harvard College and a MBA from the University of Pennsylvania.

Saro Vasudevan


Saro's career is focused on building and operating conscientious, sustainable consumer lending businesses. As an executive at Capital One for over a decade, he built their first profitable super prime borrower business, and helped turn around their auto portfolio during the great recession. After Capital One, Saro moved to Privlo — a mortgage originator that demonstrated a sustainable and transparent way to lend to those with non-traditional income such as small business owners. Saro co-founded Eave to rebuild the mortgage process and turn creditworthy homebuyers into Cash Buyers. He holds a BS in Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, and an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management.

Anoop Ranganath


Anoop has spent his career focused on using technology to solve complex problems in accessible ways. He spent nine years leading the development of technical solutions at Pivotal Labs, Foursquare, and Dropbox, creating platforms with elegant experiences for millions of people. In 2015, he bought an apartment in New York City and was shocked at how archaic and uncertain the mortgage process was. He co-founded Eave to create an elegant home buying experience and bring fairness, transparency, and ease to an industry that lacks it. He holds a BS from Birmingham-Southern College and a MS from the University of Virginia.