We make ethical mortgages easy.

An ethical mortgage is transparent, cost-effective, and in your best interest. We've built the lender we'd want to work with when buying our dream homes.
Our mission guides the many important decisions we've made, from how we collect and protect your financial information to how we set interest rates.

We exist to serve our community

Creating ethical mortgages requires the support of a community. Our community consists of our homebuyers, Eavens (that's us!), investors, financing partners, regulators, data vendors, and non-profits. We work to help all members of our community.

Our values guide us as we serve our community

Share joy at every step

We bring joy to our borrowers, real estate agents, regulators, and investors by providing ethical mortgages. We share joy with each other by giving praise, helping achieve goals, teaching new skills, and trying new experiences.

Solve important problems simply

We start from first principles, so that we land on potentially different and better solutions, which we call “Eave elegant.” We train ourselves to look beyond symptoms and surface-level data. We accept that we can't solve all problems, but we prioritize the important ones and drive them to completion.

Decisiveness drives learning

We prefer ownership over consensus. When one of us implements a smart decision quickly, we all learn faster. Ownership requires the desire to seek advice, to share what you've learned, and to course correct when needed.

Foster flow and adapt

Flow is “peak performance” for individuals and teams. We strive to experience flow every day. If obstacles or turbulence come our way, we move around them, adapt to new paths, and persevere.

Build sustainably

We create long-term foundations and iterate from there. We create norms and invest in routines to stay well.

Act with integrity

We say the same things to our teammates, our customers, our regulators, our investors, and ourselves. If we feel discomfort or dissonance, we voice it, follow-up, and take action.

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