We’re rebuilding mortgage from the ground up

Transparent, cost-effective, and in your best interest. We’ve built the lender we’d want to work with when buying our dream homes.

Our community

Rebuilding mortgages takes a village. That’s why we’ve joined forces with HomeLight. Together, we’re empowering people to achieve the best outcome when buying or selling real estate. And we couldn’t do it without our homebuyers, sellers, real estate agents, partners, investors, regulators, data vendors, and partnered nonprofits. At Eave, we strive to serve our community in everything we do.

The values we’re built on

  • Joy at every step

    We aim to bring joy to our borrowers, real estate agents, regulators, investors and each other.

  • Solve important problems simply

    We prioritize solving key problems and work to build solutions that go beyond the surface.

  • Decisiveness drives learning

    We strive to make quick, smart decisions and learn from one another along the way.

  • Foster flow and adapt

    We try to achieve peak performance every day and adapt our approach when necessary.

  • Build sustainably

    We prize longevity, wellness, and laying strong foundations that we can build upon.

  • Act with integrity

    We are transparent, honest and up front, and we take action when something isn’t right.

Diversity & Inclusion

At Eave, we’re dedicated to building a diverse team and inclusive culture. There’s always more to do, but we’re proud to say we’ve created a company where everyone’s voice is heard and each team member is encouraged to bring their whole self to work.

We offer competitive salary and benefits and are truly committed to providing all Eavens equal pay for equal work.

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