Helping families in need, one mortgage at a time

Everyone Deserves a Safe Home. Buy Yours With Eave and Give One to a Family in India.

At Eave, we believe that safe housing is a human right. Far too many families across the globe are living in subpar conditions. In India, up to 85% of rural families have inadequate or unsafe housing, and more than 65% have no access to a toilet. We’re working to change that. Whenever one of our U.S. clients purchases a home, we donate money to a mother in India so she can create a safer home for her family. We’ve partnered with Milaap, a crowdfunding nonprofit, to get the money to the people who need it most.

How it works

  • Fill out an application with Eave, and get approved within a day.

  • Find a home you love and make an offer.

  • Get your offer accepted, lock in your loan, and set a closing date.

  • Eave donates $500-800 to the family, and Milaap safely distributes it to the mother.

  • With money in hand, the mother can build or buy a safe home for her family.

  • At closing, you learn all about the family you've helped.

The Impact of Safe Housing

We believe that healthy and safe housing changes lives. Take Radhika, a mother of three from Thuraiyur in the Tamil Nadu state of India. She is a laborer who barely earns enough to support her family and their expenses.

Radhika’s family was living in a thatched hut. The home was unable to withstand bad weather, especially during monsoon season. After each storm, they had to repair the walls and roof of the hut. These conditions made it difficult for her children to study. And because she could barely afford to make ends meet, Radhika couldn’t make the necessary improvements to her home.

With the money she received from Eave, Radhika was able to upgrade her home with better, stronger materials like cement. She added new floors, ceilings, walls, lights, and even a new toilet. Her family is now happier, healthier and safer.

Eave hopes to help as many families like Radhika’s as possible.